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Vicibox 8 installation

If a consultant poorly implements a VICIdial system their mistakes affect the consultant community as a whole. Their customer may report in blogs, forums, news letters, and the like that VICIdial is not capable of performing the tasks that it can do quite easily just because it did not work for them. By providing a certification program to ensure that those people looking to sell VICIdial services, the Vicidial Group hopes to decrease the number of improper installations and dissatisfied users.

They have training in system planning and basic operation of VICIdial. Resellers are able to take customer requirements and turn them into an acceptable Vicidial solution. They can assist customers with the basic configuration of their VICIdial system as well. They provide their own VICIdial services to their customers. They are trained on proper installation and configuration, as well as providing technical support.

Partners also provide first level technical support to their customer. Vicidial Partners can even able to provide customization services to their customers and get these services certified by the Vicidial Group.

The Vicidial Group does not guarantee services provided by these partner companies, and we have no formal business relationships with these companies. There are other benefits to the Vicidial Partner Program depending on if you become a Reseller or a Partner. For more information on becoming a Reseller or a Partner please contact us. Below is a list of Vicidial Partners located around the world, broken down by their geographical regions.

Vicidial Partners can even provide customization services to their customers and get these services certified by the Vicidial Group. Logicalis is an international multi-skilled solution provider providing digital enablement services to help customers harness digital technology and innovative services to deliver powerful business outcomes.

It is a leading provider of Asterisk PBX products, support and training. Fair at za. Teleforge is an innovative company specializing in call center products. We provide solutions to hundreds of call centres and corporates from 5 to seats. We understand the Call Centre industry and become a trusted technology advisor to our clients. We provided the first home shoring professional solution in Tunisia based on VICIdial system hosting.

We also offer various services such as Asterisk deployement and configuration. Next I. Services offered are:.Needed to set up separated cert for asterisk in addition to the web cert setup it worked after. I did those steps in a drafty mode it worked I hope I will optimize it and may be not a day a kind of script to do all those steps. This is what ties the SSL certificates to you for management.

After this, you need to make sure you can successfully generate an SSL certificate before continuing to modify Apache configs. In the output it should say that the SSL was successfully issued.

Only once you have successfully gotten an SSL cert issued should you continue with the next set of instructions. Now go to httpd. I simply want to say I am beginner to blogging and site-building and honestly loved your web blog. You absolutely come with superb stories.

Thanks a lot for sharing your web site. Your email address will not be published. August 25, in Vicidial 2 Comments Dial an outside phone as an extension December 4, Integrate Softphone on Vicidial August 25, Default Crontab in Vicidial system August 24, Thank you for the terrific post Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Vicibox 3. I tried installing in Dell optiplex and Dell optiplextried many timesbut both machines freezed on the same screen after the first reboot.

Thanks in advance Shiju. ViciBox Server v. IE: Keep on dialing even while loading large lists! I shall give a try with v3. We fixed this in the 1. Since we don't have any dell's here we can't duplicate the issue. If you want to send us a server we can try installing it and seeing what happens. I just installed 3. None of these were Dell however. Can I setup a multiserver vicibox redux cluster by only using 32 bit ISOssince I am able to install the 32 bit ISOs with out any issues is there any dependency on 64 bit ISO to make a vicibox cluster?

Thanks to the team.

VICIbox .iso Installation Manual

Dell R 3. My experience was that when the reboot stage was encountered the install was unable to mount the drives and the install froze. I had to reboot the server to free it up. I reproduced this problem on two separate Dell servers. My solution was to drop back to 3. However, 3. Try this fix, hope this helps ViciBox v. Now another problem ariseI want to use the 64 bit only for the DB and webbut regardless of what ever options I select it installs asterisk also.

Thanks Shiju. Board index All times are UTC.ViciBox v. There have been significant improvements and so many new features added that we decided it warranted it's own release.

Underneath it's pretty much the same platform as ViciBox v. Unfortunately because of all the new features added, like the integrated firewall, the Installation Manual will be more of a Quick Install Guide then a full fledged manual. Here's a list of notable features and fixes : - Asterisk v.

Re: ViciBox v. You've been busy. IE: Keep on dialing even while loading large lists! If you aren't super comfortable with that I would suggest you play with it on non-production servers or wait until I can make a more detailed manual for it.

Once the web interface is up and the FQDN is correct, certbot will work just fine. Simple fix to day 1 instead of month 1.

Thank's so much Kumba and the vicidial team for these new features. The new firewall feature, does this also have an agent login like Dynamic Goodguys has? So you can access the system from a non authorized IP?

vicibox 8 installation

Regards, Dennis Vicibox 8. I downloaded it from github and tried to set it up similar to these instructions: viewtopic. This was fixed by going to the System settings and updating the Webphone URL to point to the location of the viciphone.

Since I unzipped the viciphone After doing that and opening the ports in the firewall, everything went smoothly. This is only for a all-in-one setup.The new Vicibox 8.

This is only for a all-in-one setup. A cluster setup is more of a pain as templates have to be made for each individual telephony server and assigned to different phones and stuff. Also I allowed the wrong port in the firewall config. Unfortunatley the complexity of getting SSL working and all that means that this last bit of set-up has to be done by the admin after install. Probably the only thing I'll add in ViciBox v.

Anything else I set, without knowing that SSL is working properly, has the potential to just mess everything up.

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I tried to read more about it at viciphone. Kumba wrote: That's a DNS thing. The same datacenters are responsible for the nameservers hosting viciphone. Currently phone1. Once I get phone2. Each site will have multiple servers serving that sites domain.

vicibox 8 installation

But you can download and install ViciPhone on your own server. Regards, Dennis Vicibox 8. Re: The new Vicibox 8. Any reference to should have been Or maybe related to the other bug i posted about and which was figured out already: Kumba wrote: Found the issue. With win7 work, but not work with winXP. IE: Keep on dialing even while loading large lists!Vicibox upgradation from 7. I wanted to know what methods I can follow to upgrade my server from Vicibox 7. Please note that I am using a cluster, that isa telephony server and a combined web and database server.

Also please let us know if LTS long term support is available for the newer version. My telephony server specs are as following: ViciBox v.

ViciBox v. Re: Vicibox upgradation from 7. There's a Vicidial backup script that does a very good job of this. Get that backup set off the server. Preferably by restoring it into a different mysql database on a different server. To Be Sure.

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Verify the table count and the record count in a couple of the largest tables, and that the sql script doesn't end with an error. Note that the mysqldump file is not something you want to try to edit directly. Even running "head" and "tail" on it can be CPU intense. At this stage, you can still restore if something is broken.

This should include clustering and everything. Verify that these servers work before restoring create a campaign and autodial using at least one agent and make several calls on each dialer to be Sure.

In case there was an update in the last 24 hours. If not: You can either downgrade the install or upgrade the DB after the restore process. Run the ip update script for all the old to new IPs if any have changed.

vicibox 8 installation

Test again. IE: Keep on dialing even while loading large lists! Its currently 2. Can we upgrade all the entities involved in the platform separately one by one, like first Opensuse version, asterisk version etc.

Vicibox 8. In my case I wanna upgrade because I am gonna change the server for another one. So I installed a fresh install with ViciBox8. How can I do that? I am gonna be crazy with this!!!

Any advice, help or just address me in the right direction? The question is WHY are you upgrading?Download the latest ISO from here. Burn the actual. On boot up you will be given a choice of languages.

While this installer should work with any language selected, we have only tested English. Also, please note that some portions of the installer are only in English. Once you have selected a language, you will be presented with two options. Once again you will be presented with a language selection screen.

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Choose the language of your choice, but please note that as before we have only tested this with English. You will be asked to choose your region based off the language select. We have choosen United States, but you should choose the region that is appropriate. The system will now try and determine what kind of keyboard you are using.

The process is fairly simple, it will ask you to type one of several characters on the screen. These characters will tell the system what kind of a keyboard you are using.

How to install VICIdial on Virtual Box - Tutorial by Kaushal Kumar LLC

Another option when this first comes up is to choose no. It will then prompt you to choose a keyboard from a list. After the system has detected your hardware and loaded various components it will proceed to the network configuration stage. It is very importand that this is setup correctly or the installer will fail to install Vicidial correctly.

The installer requires an internet connection. Vicidial also requires a static IP address to work correctly.

If you are unsure how to set this up correctly then you should probably not be trying this installation. Enter a valid IP address for your network that is not in use nor could be used by any other computer on your network and press enter.

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Next the install will try and determine your gateway based off the IP address you have provided and the netmask. If the install guessed correctly all you have to do is press enter, otherwise enter the correct default gateway and press enter. Next you will be prompted for the name server to use. Most networks have a name server on the same IP address as the gateway.

Worse case scenario you can use 4. Enter the name servers ip address and press enter. Next you will be prompted for the host name for the server. You can put whatever you like here, but we tend to go with VICIbox. Next you will be prompted for the domain name. If you do not know what yours is, it is prefectly fine to leave this blank. Enter the domain name and press enter.

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Next you will be promted for the time zone of the server. It is very important that you set this correctly. An improperly configured time zone can result in calls to customer when it is inappropriate such as 3am.

Choose the correct timezone for the server and press enter.

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At this point the hard disk partitioner will start. We also highly suggest having a fair amount of swap space on the server. If you do not know how to partition a hard disk under Linux choose manual and press enter. Now we will need to create at least two partitions.

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