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Tpu ender 3 pro settings

I am new to 3D printing and Cura. I have an Ender 3 Pro and am looking a place to find guidelines and general settings for my machine to input into Cura.

I know this is a loaded question with many factors to consider. Aside from the general info bed size, nozzle etc.

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Is there any other resource available? With the popularity of the Ender series printers, I'm a bit surprised there was not more to find. I searched the forum for "Ender 3 print settings" and found nothing. I will admit the format for this forum is not familiar, but I assumed my search criteria should have had some hits. The only modifications I have made are adding some start gcode for my bl-touch and modifying the infill settings based on what I'm trying to print.

And my stuff comes out great. You can use the standart settings. But if you want to increase you print quality you should change retraction, temperature and speed settings. These are the most common things I would recomend for a beginner. But you cant change these settings for your printer. They are filament specific. There are enough videos on youtube.

It's already integrated. It's in! But we've just today found an issue with Creality project files from before the merge not working after the merge.

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Hopefully we can get that fixed before the 4. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. SandervG posted a topic in Official newsApril SandervG posted a topic in Official newsJuly Recommended Posts. Hello, I apologize ahead of time if this is not the proper place to post. Thank you for any assistance. Link to post Share on other sites. Regards, Xomu Kiwi. ErenUenal 0 Posted July 7, Welcome to the world of 3D-Magic!

Have you already added the Ender-3 as a printer? DidierKlein Posted July 8, CreawsomeMod is currently being integrated into what will become Cura 4.Portal Member List Calendar Help. Hello There, Guest! Login Register. Login Email: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Thread Modes.

Deal-E-O Member. As stated above, I ran my first TPU yesterday. Turned out really well I think. Check it out I like orange, so orange prints, hehe. I think it turned out good. And still waiting for the camera to show up And made these just because. Not to bad if I say so myself. And I do, hehe. Look good to you guys? Here's the Deal. Lookin good man! I don't know what my OCD would do without a 3d printer lol. Looks good man. Krohsis I will not comply. Well done Deal!

Thanks guys. I have some black on my porch, frozen no doubt, waiting for me. Then I can print some goodies for the Big 10". Login to remove this ad Register Here. Looks awesome mate! I'll come back with a pic of a print I did last night. I'm sure I'll need the help in the future, hehe.Creality3D Autumn Sale! Get them for the lowest price of the year! We provide plugs of type F to Europe by default.

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Love this printer. The blue things attached to the top of the printer and the black box at the bottom left corner in front of it were printed with this printer. Blue things are to help filament spooling and to hold the scraper, and the black box was made to hold a Raspberry Pi. Couldn't be happier. I would love to say this has been a great experience. I ordered 2 Ender Pros in two separate occasions with no issue. Fast delivery.

Then orders 2 more and only received 1. I have been in communication and seem to be going around in circles. It's sad because I planned on buying more as my printing business is growing. I hope this is resolved sooner than later. Good luck.

Rf pll

Printed great right out of the box after careful setup and calibration. Has been printing flawlessly since. Was almost going to cancel my order because i wasn't sure if it would be quicker to order from Amazon.

Glad I didnt. Decided to leave a review because I was surprised at how quickly it arrived. The filament took a little longer but the printer came with some sample filament and I had already ordered some elsewhere so i was able to get printing asap.I want to print one of those new maker masks the NIH is offering.

With TPU, just slow the printing process down and disable retraction. Use z babysteps to adjust mid-print. By chance I am printing the same mask using TPU. I just started so I don't know the final outcome, but it was a real pain to get going. I have the nozzle at and the bed at My beat-up original bed cover wasn't working but I had ordered one of those Gekko sheets and it seems to be working great. Guess I will know in the morning. My PLA version was pretty brittle but we didn't try molding with heat.

printing TPU with ender 3.

We really need a large version but that was never posted. You could do that, or you could spend a little more and get rid of the whole bowden setup all together. I'm running E3D Hemera's and man. I'll never use anything else at this point. At slower speeds, the accuracy and quality cannot be beat. I have several brands of TPU they all have to print at their max temps to reliably complete a print. None of of them require any heat on the bed to stick very, very well on all the different surfaces.

Heck I did a test and extruded with the nozzle 5, yes 5, MM from the build plate, it stuck! My bowden printers have to have their extrusion multipliers set very high. My stock Ender 5 never made a completed Tpu print without failing at some point but with it now having a direct drive with a captured filament path it prints very well. I guess what I am saying is, you will have to up the multiplier and slow way down, plus try and keep all of your speeds the same for all portions of the print.

You can sometimes get by with a little retraction to help with the oozing but you won't stop it. One other thing, I didn't have much luck with a 0. Keep you travel moves inside the print to reduce blobs and since you are trying masks make sure your seam is somewhere on the mask that won't rub the face wrong.

Like on the sides where the cheeks are, not on the nose. It still took me 7 failed prints of masks to get the settings right but I have managed to print 66 Tpu masks for the local community. Only my direct drive printers have a decent enough success rate at printing a quality mask so that's all I use. My bowdens have been printing face shields. The CRS did get a capricorn tube upgrade and all metal fittings for the tubing; the stock fittings allowed the Capricorn tube to slip out under pressure from the driven filament.

But the extruder and hot end are stock. I've attached the profile for the CRS. It might give you a place to start. Good luck!

Setting of Ender 3 using PLA

CactusHamster - in reply to donrobinsonarts Apr 23, MortalTombat - in reply to donrobinsonarts Apr 18, User menu Log in. But what does it take to print it on the Ender 3? Quite simply, nothing much. PLA is a versatile material, hard brittle.

Any higher and the PLA at the bottom might deform. But for a smoother bottom surface, glass is a better option.

When using glass, hairspray or glue stick work the best.

tpu ender 3 pro settings

They give your prints a good hold on the bed. Retraction As the Ender 3 has a Bowden style setup, retraction settings are much higher. We only need to consider two factors here. PLA is a runny material, so it needs to be adequately cooled.

Build plate temperature ABS is infamous for warping, but a heated bed does a good job of preventing this. Bed adhesion ABS needs some adhesion. Otherwise, you may find the corners of your prints lifted up.

A raft or a brim helps in reducing the warping of the parts. Retraction Same values as for PLA. Build plate temperature The first layers should be a little hot. It helps with adhesion and also reduces any warping. Hairspray and gluestick also work well. The max is 7 mm. Print speed Make sure to go slow. TPU is a flexible material, and printing it fast will lead to problems, like the filament getting wound up in the extruder gear.

Retraction Keep this as low as possible. Higher values of retraction will lead to filament winding up in the extruder. If you still have stringing issues, increase the value by 0.

Ender 3 Retraction Settings: Ranges you can try

This should be it. Any higher, and you risk clogging or extruder issues.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I bought a spool of Overture TPU to try it out. I'm getting really bad stringing on every print, to the point where it's pretty much unusable. This is my first time printing with TPU, so I'm at a loss for what to do. Direct Drive mod - After modding the printer I did a few prints with PLA, and it works great with very little stringing.

So I assume I assembled the mod correctly and that's not the issue. Material - Reviews of the Overture TPU on Amazon mostly say it has low stringing and are generally positive, so I'm assuming it's not just bad filament.

Results varied in details, but all were pretty bad. Results got even worse. Is there something else I should try to reduce stringing?

Printing TPU on my Ender 3 For the First Time

Is it possible that I just got a bad spool of TPU? Or is it more likely something's wrong with my printer? Due to the flexible characteristics of TPU, stringing is a known "complication" with this material.

tpu ender 3 pro settings

Tom Sanladerer has also a video covering the use of flexible filament. Your printer is capable of printing TPU out of the box, and very well if you upgrade the firmware to Marlin 2.

That you're having problems like this suggests that you messed something up with the direct drive kit. TPU, being so flexible, is very sensitive to having any excess play in the path between the extruder gear and the hotend. I'm not familar with this particular direct drive kit, but knowing how the Ender 3's bowden tube works, with the PTFE extending all the way to where the nozzle seats, it seems likely that it was removed and replaced as part of the conversion, and if this was not done right, there are all sorts of ways the TPU could kink between the extruder gear and the nozzle, messing up the relationship of extruder moves to actual extrusion, and in particular messing up retraction completely.

Speaking of retraction, it must be on, and properly configured to print anything accurately.

tpu ender 3 pro settings

When you don't retract, or don't retract sufficiently, there is still high pressure at the nozzle even when you're not trying to extrude anything during travel movesand material will exit the nozzle, then will be unavailable to extrude in sufficient quantity where it belongs later.

Advice to turn retraction off is just wrong, always. If you use Marlin 2.Skip to content. Logout Register. Settings for TPU. At the moment I have the speed at 25mm as any higher the filament just sticks in the gears. Is there a better way. The printer is an ender 3.

These are my notes on the settings that work for me on my direct drive machine Ninjafles 0. Much slower than 10 and the plastic leaks out of the nozzle faster than it is moving and creates voids too fast and you get drive issues. Drive tension on my machine is just a screw that pushed the bearing against the drive with no spring.

It is crucial to get this "JUST" right too loose and it slips, too tight and the filament gets squished and will not move forward. Once I found the right spot, that setting has worked fine for all other filaments thus far. I only use it for things like rubber bands, vibration dampers, gaskets etc. Good luck. Gavity Feed small. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Anyway I can give you some tips: Extruder: use a Flexion extruder dial to position 2.

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Extrusion: be sure to set the correct values for filament diameter and density. Set the "Extrusion Width" to manual, matching your nozzle diameter, so the "Extrusion Multiplier" value will depend on your extrusion tests. Retraction: guides are near useless, you have to experiment by yourself. Have good luck! Re: Settings for TPU Tue Apr 21, pm This might seem odd but have had great results depending on model will occasionally get string but easy enough to flush cut or razor blade clean, Machine- Cr10s pro Hotend- microswiss all metal hotend Filament- ninjatek cheetah TPU Nozzle.

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