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Ppai 2020 trends

SPARK is a year-round program for young professionals in the promotional products industry. Attendees have typically been between the ages of years old with industry experience ranging from 1 week to 6 years. Conversations throughout the year take place in virtual sessions, community service projects, and monthly video networking sessions. SPARK combines actionable takeaways and networking opportunities to help further careers while engaging industry peers. Taylor Borst is head of communications and public relations for American Solutions for Business.

She is a Texas transplant, retaining Californian ultra-hippie status, and is a writing junkie. She hates winter and firmly believes in serendipity. David Geiger is general counsel for Geiger located in Lewiston, Maine, which is an industry top distributor of promotional products and advertising specialty items.

Geiger is a recent graduate of the University of Maine School of Law and represents the fifth generation of Geigers to work at the family-owned business. He joined the company instarting in manufacturing engineering services during school breaks from the University of Southern California, where he studied business administration, management, law and entrepreneurship. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he held the role of compliance manager until he left to pursue a degree in law.

In addition to his responsibilities at Geiger, he is a board member for St. Her first role was inside sales with Hit Promotional Products. InAdmints was acquired by Hit Promotional Products and Kory became territory manager for five states. Julia Maddox is a consultant, campaign strategist and educator who helps teams build their capacity for creative problem solving. Maddox has more than a decade of experience leading high-performing teams and is a popular presenter on the topic of creativity and innovation.

She is recognized as an expert in community-centered innovation, public affairs, sustainable community development, program design, change management and stakeholder engagement. Skipper received her bachelor of fine arts degree in theater from Texas State University, and is thankful every day for the many ways it has helped prepare her for both her career, as well as her life as a mother to two rambunctious boys.

Promo Connect.

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SPARK has helped me learn more about the industry and what other young professionals are doing to succeed and grow. It makes me want to do better and work harder to prove that I am able to do anything I put my mind to. The experience is unlike anything else this industry offers. In the promotional product world where everything is constantly growing and evolving, it is inspiring to be part of an event that embraces the change and offers the tools to help you along the way!

It also has great networking with those that I believe will be integral contacts over the next 20 years.I know we're all enjoying the hot summer weather rn, but before you know it, fall will be here. And when the time comes, we will have to swap out our bikinis for a little more coverage, like sweaters and actual pants. There's no need to pout though because all of the fall trends ahead are ultra fun, so you'll def have something to look forward to. What's even better? You don't have to put away your whole summer wardrobe just yet.

A lot of these trends allow us to hold onto our warm-wether essentials a tad longer. So don't pack up your bra tops and knee-length shorts too early. Those are just a few examples of what all the cool kids will be wearing once the weather cools down again. You might as well get in on the action too and scroll through the best fall trends below.

Grab a simple blazer that's long enough for business, but short enough to be considered cropped. Voluminous mini-sheaths that pair super well with tall boots are going to be your go-to winning outfit combo, in case you were wondering. A ribbed top like this one is perf with a cute top over it, or without anything at all! You might be a little chilly in fall though, so don't forget your jacket.

Paired with a simple bralette underneath, this sexy top will have you ready for your next night out in no time. A lightweight dress like this one over your fave pair of denim and knee-high boots is a major fashion moment.

You can't wrong with a button-down dress, especially this gorgeous pleated option. Technically, you could wear this one in the summer over your bikini, but it'll also look fly during those end-of-the year parties.

Column gowns are here to be your new favorite winter outfit when you don't feel like wearing pants or tights. I can think of a million places to wear this slinky dress. So, yeah, you'll definitely get your money's worth. Just because it's fall doesn't mean you have to wear boring colors.

A bright number like this one is exactly what your closet needs. Holographic, multi-chrome—whatever you want to call 'em, these spacey metals aren't going anywhere for the colder months in It might be fall, but that doesn't mean you can't wear a cute summer dress every once in a while. Pro tip: Layer a turtleneck underneath, and you're good to go. Black and brown leather are fine, but why not expand your mind with green, red, and burgundy options?

Denim jackets are a must for breezy days. You might as well upgrade your collection with this standout option. Mmmkay, the slits won't exactly keep you warm, but at least you'll look good in this splurge-worthy skirt. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Your Horoscope for the Week of October 11th. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Like regs blazers, but shorter! Eckhaus Latta. Courtesy of Topshop. Topshop topshop.The PPAI Expo is traditionally the premier in-person event for the promotional products industry, kicking off each new year in classic form. Participate wherever you are and on your schedule.

After exhaustive study, consultation and consideration, transitioning The PPAI Expo to a virtual live event was an unavoidable action. Not a member of PPAI? Registration will be available in October. We understand the value that attendees get from engaging and interacting with members of the promotional products community. You only need to register one time.

There will be a live, interactive chat component for most sessions.

ppai 2020 trends

From the comforts of home or office, registered attendees can experience new and innovative, impactful, timeless and memorable products throughout PPAI Expo DirectYou. Search and access exhibitors from around the globe via numerous product and service categories to find solutions for everything from high-end client requests to budget-friendly marketing needs.

Read The Email. Going Virtual The PPAI Expo is traditionally the premier in-person event for the promotional products industry, kicking off each new year in classic form. Connects promotional products suppliers and their products to distributors, in a variety of engaging ways.

Provides a flexible schedule with choices to interact in real-time as the day allows, or return later for convenient on-demand session options. Presents opportunities to real-time network in the promotional products community, from one-on-one meetings and small group breakouts to large interactive discussions.

Continues the ever-important role of uniting and promoting the industry through shared experiences and introductions to unique products and exceptional businesses. Why transition from an in-person show to a virtual live event? Who was involved in making this decision? Is PPAI planning to hold any in-person trade shows in ? Who can I contact about general event questions? I'm a distributor; how do I qualify to be an attendee?

ppai 2020 trends

Digital documents of membership or affiliation of any of the auto qualifying groups. I'm a supplier; how do I qualify to attend? I'm a multi-line rep; how do I qualify to attend? When will I be able to register? How much will it cost to register? How will the content change as a result of being a virtual live event? Networking with other people is a big reason I attend. How will you offer this benefit online?Exhibitor List Adv.

Market Share: Forecasts On Media Trends and Consumer Behavior For 2020

AAA Innovations. A-B Emblem. Abbasoft Technologies Inc. Abt Electronics. Acehigh Tech Corp. Action Illustrated. Ad Bands Plus. Ad-A-Day Co. Adams By Whispering Pines Sportswear. Tiers Shirts. ADG Promotional Products. Ad-Line Industries, Inc. Admatch Corporation.

ppai 2020 trends

Admore Inc. Adrenaline Challenge Coins. Adspec Images. Advance Corporation.

5 Big Trends - Fall/Winter 2020-21

Advance ID, Inc. Adventure Trading Inc. AEF Emblem Supply. Aero-Motion, Inc.

ppai 2020 trends

Agraffes Innovation. AIRfeet Technologies. AJJ Enterprises. Alexa Springs.If there's one perfect moment to update your home, it's at the start of a new decade. After 10 years of the same old, same old, now is the time to roll on one of the top paint colorsrefresh the heart of your home with one of our favorite kitchen ideasor simply add a new piece of art to your gallery wall.

And if you want to make a serious statement this year, then try incorporating one of the hottest home decor trends of To find the home ideas that are about to be everywhere, we went straight to our favorite interior design pros. From navy paint and floral wallpaper to colored cabinets and free-standing tubs, these are the home decor trends that experts can't wait to see. Whether you love trends or will typically go to great lengths to avoid them, there are bound to be a few ideas on our list that you'll adore and will continue to adore into the next decade.

What goes around comes around — especially when it comes to home decor trends. But don't expect to see all vintage everywhere. This time around, designers are incorporating just one or two statement pieces. The Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue a navy shadewhich means you can expect to see a lot of the color in the new year.

Fortunately, it's totally versatile and sophisticated. If the thought of flower-power wallpaper makes you flinch, then might just be the year you change your tune. Fenimore says they're a particularly good choice in powder bathrooms and foyers.

Plus, there are tons of stick-on options if you're not ready to fully commit. High-contrast designs are currently having a moment — which means if you've always wanted to paint your home black, now is the time to give it a whirl in moderation, of course. Or a console table in a dark stained wood with light-colored hardware.

If there was one defining design trend of the s, it was the all-white kitchen. But indesigners predict there'll be a shift toward spaces that go beyond just white.

For example, Hammel expects to see more natural wood cabinets, islands, and shelves — all of which allow homeowners to keep a bright and airy vibe without restricting themselves to all-white-everything. If you really want to leave the all-white kitchen trend behind, opt for another home decor trend: colored cabinets.

According to the experts at Modiani Kitchens"the trend in is to choose one or several elements, like the kitchen island, kitchen wall cabinets, or base cabinets in daring colors, like dark red, bright yellow, green or navy blue.

Now is the time to make all of your regal canopy bed dreams come true. In addition to more vintage furniture, expect to see this played out in color trends such as clay and terracotta, as well as decorative items such as earthenware and ceramics. Instead of blooming bright green, these trees are a more sophisticated sage.

Make the year you start — or continue to grow — your art collection.

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While you're collecting those pieces of art, be sure to scout some for the kitchen. That can be accomplished by hanging art in the kitchen, or using open shelves to display items that show off your personality, she says.Human augmentation conjures up visions of futuristic cyborgs, but humans have been augmenting parts of the body for hundreds of years.

Glasses, hearing aids and prosthetics evolved into cochlear implants and wearables. Even laser eye surgery has become commonplace. But what if scientists could augment the brain to increase memory storage, or implant a chip to decode neural patterns? What if exoskeletons became a standard uniform for autoworkers, enabling them to lift superhuman weights?

What if doctors could implant sensors to track how drugs travel inside a body? Technology is now on the cusp of moving beyond augmentation that replaces a human capability and into augmentation that creates superhuman capabilities. For example, artificial intelligence AI in the form of machine learning ML with hyperautomation and edge computing can be combined to enable highly integrated smart buildings and city spaces.

In turn, these technology combinations enable further democratization of the technology. Automation uses technology to automate tasks that once required humans.

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Hyperautomation deals with the application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence AI and machine learning MLto increasingly automate processes and augment humans. Hyperautomation extends across a range of tools that can be automated, but also refers to the sophistication of the automation i.

As no single tool can replace humans, hyperautomation today involves a combination of tools, including robotic process automation RPAintelligent business management software iBPMS and AI, with a goal of increasingly AI-driven decision making.

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Although not the main goal, hyperautomation often results in the creation of a digital twin of the organization DTOallowing organizations to visualize how functions, processes and key performance indicators interact to drive value. The DTO then becomes an integral part of the hyperautomation process, providing real-time, continuous intelligence about the organization and driving significant business opportunities. Multiexperience replaces technology-literate people with people-literate technology.

In this trend, the traditional idea of a computer evolves from a single point of interaction to include multisensory and multitouchpoint interfaces like wearables and advanced computer sensors. The combination of these technologies can be used for a simple AR overlay or a fully immersive VR experience. Democratization of technology means providing people with easy access to technical or business expertise without extensive and costly training. For example, democratization would enable developers to generate data models without having the skills of a data scientist.

They would instead rely on AI-driven development to generate code and automate testing. Physical augmentation changes an inherent physical capability by implanting or hosting a technology within or on the body. For example, the automotive or mining industries use wearables to improve worker safety. In other industries, such as retail and travel, wearables are used to increase worker productivity.

Physical augmentation falls into four main categories: Sensory augmentation hearing, vision, perceptionappendage and biological function augmentation exoskeletons, prostheticsbrain augmentation implants to treat seizures and genetic augmentation somatic gene and cell therapy. Cognitive augmentation also includes some technology in the brain augmentation category as they are physical implants that deal with cognitive reasoning. Human augmentation carries a range of cultural and ethical implications.

The evolution of technology is creating a trust crisis. As consumers become more aware of how their data is being collected and used, organizations are also recognizing the increasing liability of storing and gathering the data.Designers gifted us with collections that were the perfect marriage of wearable and innovative.

Our list includes an assortment of styles that are equal parts fresh and nostalgic. Just keep scrolling to dive in. We saw both the literal take via garter belts underneath blazers at Mugler in addition to more subtle odes to the piece at Helmut Lang. Before you cover your eyes and cringe at the idea of literally wearing a bra as a top, hear us out.

While, yes, we saw many designers such as Loewe and Olivier Theyskens display bras that looked more like contents of a negligee drawer and less like tops, we saw the opposite as well thanks to satin bra tops at Givenchy and kitschy co-ord sets at Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Style yours under a blazer or as a top all of its own. Luckily, there have been a handful of fresh updates to the world of suiting that will relight your fire for all th ings tailored and coordinated this season. With the addition of vests and waistcoats resulting in the return of three-piece suits, as well as Bermuda shorts for the more casual gal, the sartorial world has proven that when it comes to a well-rounded wardrobe, a good suit is a must.

Remember Bermuda shorts? Well, they are back and were spotted all over the runways showcasing a more casual take on the business-ready trend. Similar to vests, we saw longer shorts of all kinds appear on the runway as a trend on their own, further proving the importance of the shorts movement this spring.

The addition of a tailored waistcoat is the spring update we were looking for amid the recurring suiting trend. We also saw these tailored vests make a strong name for themselves as an individual trend so be sure to keep an eye out for thembut it was the three-piece suit that stood out the most.

Investing in at least one three-piece suit will prove to be more beneficial to your spring wardrobe than you might think.

You Need These 2020 Fall Fashion Trends In Your Life, By the Way

Not into vests and long shorts but still looking for something that will make your suit feel fresh for spring? Then we have your answer: pinstripes.

This print is subtle and versatile—two qualities you would want from a suiting trend. Classic button-down shirts have become one of the most sartorially talked-about basics over the past couple of seasons, but this groovy take is bringing us back to the disco days, and we are not complaining. You know what they say: The bigger the collar, the more stylish the look. While collars made a major splash within this trend theme, so did the overall styling of all the iconic pieces from the decade.

When it comes time to re-create this look, be sure to hit up the designers listed above, especially since the styling of disco collars and cropped sweater vests might not come naturally to you or to us. Or in this case, a lot of suede.

Fringe jackets made their triumphant return to the ready-to-wear scene and thanks to brands like Khaite and Celine, the incorporation of this strong outerwear piece finally feels chic as opposed to costumey.

We also saw stunning suede midi skirts at Altuarra and more modern takes on the fabric at Longchamp with those hot-pants co-ord sets. There were many odes to an outdoorsy lifestyle among the spring collections this season—including everything from raffia dresses and bags to vacation-ready getups that had us craving summer more than we ever have before.

The good news for some of you is that none of the trends listed below actually require you to be outside. In short, consider this trend a step in the right direction.

Ready for a getaway? Channel your inner J. Season after season there seems to be at least one utilitarian-inspired trend or movement gracing the runways, but this time, the takeaway was that this trend is finally feeling a bit more refined. Well, a lot of things. There is just so much to love about the return of the tube top. That means that if the above images have already put you into a frenzy of needing to own one of the strapless wonders, you can absolutely justify buying one now and start styling it over sweaters until the temperatures rise sufficiently to wear it on its own with jeans, skirts, or any other bottom of your choosing.

With that said, if the idea of hitting the streets in hot pants shakes you to your core, we suggest giving it a go on your next beach vacation. From multicolored moments at Emilia Wickstead, Loewe, and Jacquemus to single-hued stunners at Gucci, Peter Pilotto, Tibi, and more, there was almost an explosion of sherbet shades on the spring runways in every way, shape, and form.

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