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Kotor scoundrel build

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic/Classes

Learn more Want to successfully beat Knights of the Old Republic 1? Here is the guide on how to be a perfect Jedi Sentinel. In RPG terms, Sentinels are a cross between a warrior and a mage. Jedi Sentinel also excel in other skills that make gameplay perfect. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Authored by the wikiHow Community Community of editors, researchers, and specialists January 9, Consider starting out as a scout. The scout is the most balanced class in the game. While you are well trained in combat, you are skillful in other fields too. Although you are not as strong as a soldier, your agility is the best and can save you in times of peril. Your skills are enough to make you an all rounder in the galaxy. Not all of your companions will be with you all the time e.

Select starting attributes. Invest your points. In the game, you will have 5 bonus point so invest it in Strength in early game and Wisdom in late game. This makes you a very versatile and balanced character. As a scout, you will have access to one unique feat: Uncanny Dodge. This increases your chances of 'saving' against grenades.

You also get all 3 Implant feats for free, if you level up to 8. Use implants. Implants are the advantage for Scout because implants can make you a different person depends on which implant you use. Some can change your attribute, some can give immunities and some give HP regeneration.It seems that you're using an outdated browser. Some things may not work as they should or don't work at all. What is GOG. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Owned Free.

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kotor scoundrel build

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See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you. Your friends. Friends list is currently empty.I am sure that everyone here has their own, special character build that they love to use in the games. Towards the mid and late game, you become a Rogue, Warrior and Mage all in one pack You want to get the other to 16 anyway as the first thing. Afterwards, feel free to invest into WIS.

This sucker turns the combat into a joke. The sneak attack modifier to your chance to hit and damage inflicted, depending on the feat level is automatically activated by the game when doing the dice roll and such when one of these two situations occurs: the hostile NPC you're targeting is either stunned, isn't in combat with you yet or it's attacking someone else not the party member you are controlling at the moment.

You don't need stealth at all in either games. Scoundrel is great because it's the only starting class that has "Persuade" as a class skill. The unfortunate reality in KotOR 1 is that half the skills in the game are worthless. Worthless, sneak attack is triggered without being in stealth mode. No conversation check and is used only for detecting mines.

No point, no conversation check nor situations when you need security to do something, you don't even get EXP for using Security unlike KotOR 2. Computer Use? Debatable, you don't really need to bother with the admittedly neat electrical overload ability.

Which means that the only skills worth getting are Persuade and you need to invest in it per level so you don't get screwed by how it's calculatedTreat Injury and Repair for HK's genie in a bottle stories before the Leviathan hits. What this means is that every time you find yourself at the level up screen with extra skill points to invest, hold on to them until the next level up screen.

Now it's time to talk about some feat selection Flurry is going to be your best friend in the entire game. Don't bother with Crit. Strike or Power Attack. While implants are nifty, they aren't required. Force powers However, what you also want is the entirety of the Speed and Valor trees for buffs. Item selectionSoldiers are the only class who can select Weapon Specializations other than Lightsaber although equipment can grant them to other classes.

Defense bonus has a ceiling of 6 at level 12, when Master Scoundrel's Luck is granted. Your main character starts as one class but must choose a Jedi class to continue once on Dantooine.

You must level up once before escaping the Endar Spirebut after gaining level 2 you don't have to level up any further before becoming a Jedi, even once you've received enough experience to gain multiple levels. Saving levels allows you to gain more levels as a Jedi up to 18, since maximum character level is Jedi Guardians battle against the forces of evil and the dark side. They focus on combat training and masterful use of the lightsaber.

Jedi Guardians gain the Force Jump feat automatically. This feat allows them to instantly close the distance and attack an opponent within 10 metres. Defense bonus has a ceiling of 6 at level 12, when Master Sense is granted.

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Jedi Sentinels ferret out deceit and injustice, bringing them to light. They strike a balance between the physical and mental disciplines of the Jedi Order.

kotor scoundrel build

Jedi Sentinels gain the Jedi Immunity feat automatically. This makes them immune to fear. Jedi Consulars seek to bring balance to the universe. They focus less on physical combat and more on mental disciplines in order to augment their mastery of the Force. Jedi Consulars gain the Force Focus feat automatically. This feat makes it harder for opponents to resist their Force Powers. Defense bonus has a ceiling of 6 at level 12, when Battle Droid Logic Upgrade is granted.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. Attack on the Endar Spire. Ebon Hawk. Yavin Station. Quest for the Star Forge.Scoundrels are slippery individuals, capable of stealth, but also helpful to their teammates with their medical support skills.

The following is a list of publicly confirmed skills. More will be added as information becomes public. Build out your Scoundrel 's skill tree with IGN's skill builder tool and share your favorite builds with a simple link.

Last Edited: 16 May pm. Scoundrel Skills The following is a list of publicly confirmed skills. Skill Builder. Was this guide helpful? YES NO.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic/Feats

In This Wiki Guide. Publishers Electronic Arts. Release Date December 20, Table of Contents. Scoundrel class. Black Market Equipment. Black Market Mods. Cheap Shots. Cold Blooded. Dirty Escape. Reduces the cooldown of Dirty Kick by 7. Dirty Trickster. Feelin' Woozy. Fighting Spirit. Reduces the cooldown of Cool head by 15 seconds.

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In addition, critical hits with bleed effect restore 1 energy. Flash Powder. Heightened Evasion. Reduces the cooldown time of Dodge by 30 seconds. Hemorrhaging Blast. Last 9 seconds. Fires both blaster if dual wielding. Holdout Defense. Hold Your Ground.Hey there, Awetgomk here returning with yet another guide.

This guide will be focused on the Scrapper Scoundrel, its strengths and weaknesses, gearing, utilities, rotation, as well as some tips and tricks you can use to become a better player. We deal high damage, have a lot of burst, and all of our abilities are instant cast. In addition, Medium Armor paired with our defensive capabilities grants us a lot of survivability, and high mobility. Scrapper excels at single target burst damage.

This spec is definitely viable for progression, however some restrictions may apply. Our AoE damage is rather low, Ruffian clearly outshines us in that regard, and off-healing capabilities are limited by energy cost and Upper Hands. So why choose Scrapper over Ruffian? Read on and find out. This section is managed by Vulkk with raw information about class changes each time Bioware tweaks something for the Discipline.

The text is usually taken from the patch notes or the forum posts, made by Bioware developers. When you miss an attack it happens when your accuracy is lower than intendedyou deal 0 damage and waste a GCD.

This lowers your overall DPS and hurt you quite a lot in the long run. For a build focused on PvP, Accuracy is not as important, you may as well just go for power instead. Either use an augment and stim, or more augments, but always stay as close to as possible. For beginners and people with poor connection, lower alacrity and higher Crit may bring better performance. Feel free to deviate from the ideal to personalize your character. As mentioned above, Alacrity is not so beneficial for PvP players, go for and put the rest into Crit and Power.

Since it was reworked to increase both Critical Chance and Damage, this has become a viable tertiary stat. Power strictly increases damage, Mastery increases damage and Crit Chance but gives less raw damage than power. It can be increased by Datacrons, and the difference is still noticeable, even though stat pools have been increased by a lot since vanilla.

The Rotation is also included at the end of this section. Grants a shield for 10s, absorbing moderate damage, 30s CD. Can be upgraded with a utility to reflect as well. Once used, it can be used again for 10s, this puts the ability on a 10s CD however. More on that later. Heals the target over 18s, can be stacked on the target twice. Costs 10 energy. A nice little off heal, it can make a difference, really. Uses up an UH and 20 energy to heal the target, and has a 9s CD.

This is listed as a defensive ability because it takes you out of combat, resetting your aggro. In PvP, entering stealth enables you to surprise your opponent and strike from unexpected angles at unexpected targets.

This is what makes the class exceptionally fun at PvP, and PvE. Peace out and save yourself the repair costs. A good escaping ability, especially when used after stealthing out from a fight in PvP. The movement speed increase is great as well. Deals kinetic damage to the target, only usable from behind the target. Deals more damage when used from stealth and also grants an UH. High damage ability, should be used on CD.Total feats main player characters can get by level 20 depend on starting class, Jedi class and the level at which they become a Jedi:.

According to Feedbackany Keen bonus is additive with Critical Strike bonuses, resulting in the following:.

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The target is not stunned until the end of the character's attack round. This feat cannot be selected by droids. This feat allows a character to make an extra melee attack during the round.

Fleshing out my Scoundrel 7/Guardian power build

This is made with the main hand when wielding a double-bladed weapon or two weapons. Character suffers defense penalty while using this feat and for 3 seconds afterwards i. This feat only affects melee weapons and lightsabers. Attack penalty and damage bonus affect every attack in a combat round. Critical hit doubles bonus damage. This feat only affects ranged weapons, and cannot be selected by an Expert Droid.

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According to Feedbackno attacks are gained when using Knight or Master Speed. This feat allows a character to make an extra ranged weapon attack during the round. This is made with the main hand when wielding two blaster pistols.

This feat cannot be selected by an Expert Droid. According to Feedbackany Keen bonus is additive with Sniper Shot bonuses, resulting in the following:. No attacks are gained when using Knight or Master Speed unless using a heavy weaponin which case only one attack is gained. These feats don't need to be activated to take effect, although other conditions may need to be met before they can do so.

Wookiees and droids cannot wear armor, so these feats cannot be selected by them. Bonuses apply when characters focus on using single one -handed weapons in battle due to the efficiency of this form of combat. This applies to both ranged and melee weapons, but it does not apply when unarmed or using a stun batonblaster rifle or heavy weapon.

This feat allows use of cybernetic implants, which can be purchased throughout the galaxy and have a variety of effects modifying attack rolls, attribute scores, etc. Only one implant may be used at a time. Droids cannot use implants, so this feat cannot be selected by them.

Damage is subtracted after any shield and Damage Resistance. When items or their upgrades add damage of any type, this feat subtracts from each separately: thus a fully upgraded Baragwin Assault Blade 's physical slashing damage, energy damage and sonic damage are each reduced to This feat reduces the attack penalty of a character wielding a double-bladed weapon or two weapons one in each hand.

These feats give a character basic training in the use each weapon type. Otherwise, a character can not equip them. Only Jedi can use lightsabers, droids cannot use melee weapons and Expert Droids can only use blaster pistols, but otherwise any class can select a Weapon Proficiency they weren't granted, or equip the following:.

Weapon Focuses are only granted by equipping the following if the equivalent Weapon Proficiency has been granted or selected.

kotor scoundrel build

They do not allow Weapon Specializations to be selected. These feats can normally only be granted to, or selected by, particular playable Jedi classes. This feat adds to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against the character's Force powers. This feat is always active. None of these feats counters the effect of Adhesive Grenades because they are not actually debilitating. The Jedi knows that if diplomacy fails, combat must be swift and decisive. When an opponent at range is targeted with a standard lightsaber melee attack, this feat allows Guardians to make a quick series of jumps and rolls to close distance almost instantly.

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