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Hole puncher

He is an oversized, yellow hole puncher featuring King Olly 's logo on his black lid. When Mario reaches the top of the temple, he finds himself in a disco room with a large disco ball, a Toad as the disk jockey, and an origami GoombaShy Guyand Boo out on the dance floor. Suddenly, someone behind a large set of doors calls out and stops the music, demanding a better piece to groove to, threatening to punch out his face, as he did with all the other Toads in the temple.

The disk jockey begs for a second chance and asks Mario to help him find a better record. Mario must bring the disk jockey records for him to play for Hole Punch. If he does not like the piece, he insults it and wants a different piece. After playing "Thrills at Night"the Hole Punch becomes satisfied and requests an audience to join on the dance floor. The disk jockey gives Professor Toad a boom box, allowing him to explore the temple and pick up the Toads within.

Once all of the Toads are found and returned to the disco room, they hit the dance floor, eventually getting the attention of Hole Punch, who bursts out of his room and slams the dance floor, frightening the Toads away.

He challenges Mario to a literal face-off on the dance floor. Upon defeat, he counts down from three and explodes, launching the faces he collected from the Toads.

Hole Punches

With everyone back to normal, Mario can use the Magic Circle that appears to destroy the yellow streamer. Doing so drops the disco ball, breaking it open to release the sun, revealing it as its source of light.

This returns the desert to its regular state. Before each normal ring movement, Hole Punch uses the move Hole Punch, raising the ring closest to him to repeatedly punch out holes in four different spaces, removing any icons on them, then spinning to slightly scramble the spaces.

This process, at the beginning of the battle, damages and deactivates, but not removes, the ON button. Falling into any other holes causes Mario to trip, wasting his turn, after which Hole Punch uses Main Squeeze, dealing damage. Hitting the front or side of Hole Punch does not deal any damage, so Mario must instead navigate behind his lid and use a Hammer attack to deal damage, in the process also releasing a few of its punches, which restore random holes. When Hole Punch attacks, if Mario is close enough and Hole Punch either does not have any punches from Mario or was damaged that turn, it will use Hole Punch to punch out a part of Mario, taking points away from his current HP as well as his maximum HP, then use Base Slap, dealing damage.

Any of Mario's body can be recovered when Hole Punch drops punches, at which point one of Mario's body punches will appear as a space, which when picked up, restores as much HP and maximum HP as the previous Hole Punch removed. If Mario is out of range and Hole Punch does not have any punches from Mario, is will use Gettin' Down, dealing 7 damage.

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If Hole Punch does have punches from Mario, it will use Throwing Punches, ejecting all of his punches from board spaces at Mario for 2 damage each, then charges up any punches from Mario's body for 5 damage each.

The punches are the placed on the board using the same formula, the process also restoring the ON button. After taking enough of damage, Hole Punch will start to charge.

If the move is dodged, all punches are released and Hole Punch is flipped over, allowing Mario to use the 1, Fold Arms to rush attack him and attempt to peel off his lid, the allotted time corresponding to his current HP. If the lid is successfully peeled off, Hole Punch is defeated.

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hole puncher

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Hole punch

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hole puncher

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hole puncher

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Catch the hottest savings while you can. Shop now. Refine by Price. Top Brands. Deliver to home. Free pickup today. Shape Round. Retailer Walmart. SIM Supply Inc. Category Hole Punches. Paper Craft Tools. Capacity 1 to 10 Sheets. Above Sheets. Material Metal. Width 2" to 2.A hole punchalso known as hole puncheror paper puncheris an office tool that is used to create holes in sheets of paperoften for the purpose of collecting the sheets in a binder or folder. The term can also refer to tools of different construction from one designed for paper, such as a those used for leather goods generally called a leather punchfor cloth, for thin plastic sheeting, and for variations of sheet metalsuch as aluminum siding or metal air ducts.

A typical hole punch, whether a single or multiple hole punch, has a long lever which is used to push a bladed cylinder, the punchstraight through one or more sheets of paper and then through a close-fitting hole in the die. As the vertical travel distance of the cylinder is only a few millimeters, it can be positioned within a centimeter of the lever fulcrum.

Hole Punch

For low volume hole punches, the resulting lever need not be more than 8 centimetres 3. Two paper guides are needed to line up the paper: one opposite where the paper is inserted, to set the margin distance, and one on an adjacent side. Hole punches for industrial volumes hundreds of sheets feature very long lever arms, but function identically. Another mechanism uses hollowed drills which are lowered by a screwing action into the paper.

The paper is cut and forced up into the shaft of the drill to be later discarded as tightly packed columns of waste paper. This method allows a small machine to cut industrial volumes of paper with little effort. The most common standard dimension and location of filing holes punched in paper is International Standard ISO The holes are located symmetrically in relation to the axis of the sheet or document. ISO A7 and larger can be filed using this system.

A four-hole extension is also commonly used. The two middle holes are punched in accordance with ISOand so paper punched with the four holes can be filed in binders that are consistent with ISO The use of two additional holes provides more stability.

This extension is sometimes referred to as the "" system, because of the three 8-cm gaps between the holes. Some 2-hole punches have an "" marking on their paper guide, to assist punching all four holes into A4 paper.

The 4 holes are preferred due to the extra-long length of the inch side of the paper where the 4 holes would be placed. Binders with 4 rings gives the paper better support in the binder. Were the documents only punched with 3 holes, this would allow sagging of the paper at the top part of the binder above the top ring. Unlike ISOthis 3-hole system appears to have no well-established official specification, and is a de facto standard established by custom and tradition. Another standard also occasionally used in the US is a "filebinder" system.

Konica-Minoltathe manufacturer of the popular BizHub line of office printing equipment, specifies that the holes should be 9. In Swedena four-hole national standard [4] is almost exclusively used. The guides help keep the paper in a straight line. The binder's inventor, Andreas Tengwall, supposedly named it after a consortium consisting of himself and two companions, i. Single hole punches are often used to punch a ticketwhich indicates it has been used, or to make confetti when creating scrapbooks and other paper crafts.

For applications needing a variety of hole shapes, a ticket punch may be used. A single hole punch differs from a ticket punch in having a shorter reach and no choice of hole shape. In the United States, single hole punches are often used to punch holes through playing cardsmarking them as "used" or "canceled". This helps cut down on cheating by eliminating any cards that may have been tainted by players. Paper drilling is also popular for this purpose.

Single hole punches are widely used in the UK Civil Service where papers are punched with a single hole in the upper left, and secured using a treasury tag.

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Closeup of punch with blue plastic chad collector. A related office tool is the eyelet punch. This is a single-hole punch which also crimps a metal fastening loop around the hole. It is used to permanently secure a few sheets of paper together which must not be separated or modified. A similar tool, generally known as a holing pinceris used in animal husbandry. A common application is to attach an ear tag to a livestock animal.That is all. He is a sentient yellow hole puncher.

hole puncher

Hole Punch took over the Temple of Shrooms and imprisoned the sun within a large disco ball so he could turn the temple into a nightclub. He also stole the faces of the Toads of the temple, forcing them to become his disco audience.

When Paper Mario and Olivia reach the temple in the temple, Hole Punch and the end of the yellow streamer are behind a door at the back of a large disco room, with Hole Punch refusing to come out unless the music is changed, threatening to punch a hole in the DJ if he doesn't play music he likes.

Paper Mario must find records around the temple and bring them to the disk jockey to play for Hole Punch. If it does not please him, Hole Punch insults it and demands a different song. Only playing "Thrills at Night" impresses him, before he asks Paper Mario to find an audience to join him on the dance floor. Once all Toads are found, they and Paper Mario hit the dance floor, eventually getting the attention of Hole Punch, prompting him to burst out of his room and onto the dance floor, challenging Mario to a "face-off" as he does so.

During the battle, Hole Punch punches four holes onto the ring closest to his space, including the ON button. Attacking the front of Hole Punch does no damage, meaning Paper Mario must navigate his way to the monster's rubber back to deal damage.

Hole Punch also attacks by spitting out paper holes, which restore the missing parts of the rings and even Paper Mario's punched out portion, restoring his health if collected. After enough damage is taken, Hole Punch prepares a grand attack called "The Whole Punch" that deals a tremendous amount of damage to Paper Mario.

To protect himself, Paper Mario must activate the Magic Circles and summon the Earth Vellumental, creating a high surface that protects Mario and causes Hole Punch to flip over when he charges at it. This leaves his base exposed, allowing Mario to finish Hole Punch off.

Upon his defeat, Hole Punch counts down to his body's explosion, causing him to release the punched out faces of the Toads, restoring them back to normal. Mario then destroys the yellow streamer, which also releases the sun from the disco ball and returns the desert to its regular state. After Olivia's wish reverts her brother's actions, Hole Punch turns back into a regular hole punch. Hole Punch, as his name suggests, is a massive hole punch, with a yellow handle and a black body.

This black body has King Olly's face on the bottom. Wendy O. Kremlings King K. Troopa Kaptain Skurvy Kent C. Comics Bowser. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Hole Punch hiding behind the door to his room. Hole Punch punching a hole in Paper Mario. Hole Punch's demise. Categories :. You call that music?

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